Commentaries on 1 Chronicles

For the series I’ve just done on 1 Chronicles 1-9 I was helped in varying degrees by the following 5 commentaries on 1 Chronicles.  (It seems like people called Andrew particularly like this book!)

For the historical, structural, meaning of the text, Pratt’s commentary was the one I found most helpful – although it was the most expensive.

Sadly McConville only had two chapters on the first nine chapters, although what he said was good and made me wish he had written nine chapters.

The other three commentaries (by the Andrew’s) I found to be a bit hit ‘n’ miss on the chapters 1 to 9.  If you had the best of each of them in one book, that would be my go to commentary on 1 Chronicles, but as you don’t…

Review: Lamentations Commentaries

This Sunday I will finish a 5 sermon series in the book of Lamentations.  Lamentations must be one of the least preached books of the Bible, which is a shame because as I’ve discovered, it has an important message about God’s judgment and how we are to respond to it, and like all of Scripture is about the Lord Jesus Christ.

In preparing each week, I’ve read the following commentaries:

On reflection I found the chapter on Lamentations in Five Festal Garments and From Sorrow to Hope most useful.  Ryken was especially helpful in pointing to the ways that Christ can be seen in the book of Lamentations.  Sadly in both cases I would have liked longer versions.Great is your faithfulness was good for comments on the individual verses in Lamentations (it has a couple of chapters for each chapter of Lamentations).  Although for a more practical commentary which gives application I was left a little disappointed as I felt that there was not enough Christ in it.Out of the four Dearman’s commentary was the one that I found the least helpful (I think that the Jeremiah section is better).

If you’re thinking about preaching and studying Lamentations I suggest you start with Webb’s Five Festal Garments and then if the budget stretches get Ryken’s .

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Revelation Commentaries

This term I am doing a series of talks looking at Jesus as He is revealed in the book of Revelation.  Here are some commentaries that I found useful in preparing them.


  • Robert Mounce – The Book of Revelation (NICNT) BUY HERE
  • William Hendriksen – More Than Conquerors BUY HERE
  • Michael Wilcock – The Message of Revelation (BST) BUY HERE
  • John MacArthur – Because the Time is Near BUY HERE (I don’t agree with his interpretation but find it helpful to read someone who has a different view) 
  • Gary Benfold – Revelation Revealed BUY HERE
  • Vern Poythress – The Returning King BUY HERE
  • Paul Barnett – Apocalypse Now and Then BUY HERE
  • John Richardson – Revelation Unwrapped BUY HERE