Why on earth did Jesus come? (John Blanchard)

Why on earth did Jesus come? is the most important question you can answer this Christmas.  To help you, John Blanchard has written a short book that answers it.

 FIRST LOOK: It’s a short book (only 40 pages).  It’s divided into lots of short sections 1-3 pages long with boxes that have summary sentences.  It’s a quick read – under 2 hours.  

CONTENT: This book is packed with an astonishing amount of information.  Topics covered include the date and year of Jesus’ birth, the virgin birth (including the reliability of the gospel accounts and wrong teaching about Mary), Jesus’ existence, and His identity as God Himself. 

The book finishes by answering the key question ‘Why on earth did Jesus come?’ which is to save people who are lost because of their sin and how to receive God’s gift of salvation. 

MY TAKE: Each section is clear and to the point.  I particularly appreciated the section called ‘If God became a man’ where he lists 9 things you’d expect a man who was God to be able to do, and shows how Jesus fits the bill.  His explanation of sin and its seriousness is thoroughly biblical and shows why Jesus’ coming is such good news! 

USE: This booklet is great to giveaway and ideal for this time of year.  It has more content than a regular Christmas tract does but it is short enough to make it accessible to anyone interested in finding out what Christianity is about.  It’s definitely worth churches having some copies available to hand out after their carol service. 

BONUS: You can download a talk by John Blanchard which answers this question HERE

Why on earth did Jesus come? is available to buy HERE with good discounts if you buy multiple copies.

Judges 13 Sermon

Judges 13 (25th July 2010, Banstead Community Church)


The nativity story that points us to a greater nativity story. 

Two things we learn about God… 

1. The God who saves people who don’t want to be saved (v1) 

The pattern: Rebellion ? Retribution ? Request ? Rescue ? Rest

 Judges 13: Rebellion ? Retribution ? … ? …

Into this situation God appears to a nameless, childless woman.

2. The God who saves with a baby (v2-25) 

The right response to news from God about a Saviour is belief. 

This baby is special. 

The commands that God gives are to be obeyed.

Don’t waste your life (Ephesians 2:10, 5:15-16)