Bible Games for Kids: Jonah 2

People who Rescue

Assign the following labels to the four corners of the room,

  • Ambulance
  • Fire Engine
  • Police Car
  • Life Boat
Shout out different scenarios.  The children have to run to the corner which has the people who can provide the rescue needed.  For example “Someone is trapped in a building which is on fire!” or “Someone is drowning!”

Remind the children that Jonah needed rescuing and God provided the rescue by sending a great fish.

Bible Games for Kids: Jonah 1

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This game will remind the children that God sent a fish to swallow Jonah.

You will need a bag of Jelly Babies.

Divide the children into teams.  The children take it in turns to slide along on their tummies like fish to one end of the room where a jelly baby awaits them to eat.  Once they have eaten the jelly baby, the swim back and tag the next person.  The first team of fishes to swallow Jonah wins.

(Saw a version of this game in The Game is Up, Book Two Old Testament)

Bible Games for Kids: Jonah 1

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Do the Opposite

This game aims to remind the children that Jonah did the opposite.  Instead of obeying God and going to Nineveh, he disobeyed God and headed toward Tarshish.

The leader does various actions.  The children have to respond by doing the opposite.


  • Leader stands up, children sit down.
  • Leader waves right hand, children wave left hand.
  • Leader stands on left foot, children stand on right foot.
  • And so on…

Bible Games for Kids: Exodus 2:1-10

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Keep the Basket Afloat

To remind the children that Moses was kept safe in a basket which was placed in the River Nile.

This game could be messy! 

Divide the children into small groups.  Ask them to lie on their backs with their feet up in the air.  Get them to balance a bowl of water, popcorn or rice on their feet.  Put a model of baby Moses in a basket and place it in the bowl.

See how long they can keep Moses safe for!

Bible Games for Kids: Exodus 1

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This game will introduce/reinforce the truth that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt.

The children stand in the middle of the playing area.  Explain that they are slaves, under you command.  Designate four areas of the room – pyramids, fields, home and work.  

Explain the following commands:

  • Go to bed = lie down.
  • Collect straw = bend down and pretend to pick up straw.
  • Make bricks = squat and pretend to make bricks.
  • Salute the king = salute.
  • Pray to God = go on knees and make praying action.
  • Climb the wall = climbing action.
  • Go to pyramids = move to pyramids area.
  • Go to fields = move to fields area.
  • Go to work = move to work area.
  • Return home = move to home area. 

Children who get the command wrong or last to do it miss a turn (or out if you make it an elimination game with one winner). 

(Very slightly adapted from The Game is Up, Book One Old Testament)

Bible Games for Kids: 2 Kings 5

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Naaman’s Story 

This game will remind the children about how Naaman was healed. 

Label the sides of the room ‘Naaman’s House’ ‘King’s Palace’ ‘Elisha’s House’ and ‘Jordan River’.  When you call out the names, the children run to that side of the room.  Also teach them the following commands. 

  • Servant girl – sweeping action
  • King’s coming – stand up and salute
  • In the army – march on the spot
  • Wash in the river – pretend to go down into the water
  • Leprosy – scratch arms and legs 

The last child or two to perform the action is out. 

[Idea taken from The Game is up (Book 2) from TnT Ministries].

Bible Games for Kids: 2 Kings 4:8-37

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Go and get Elisha 

Equipment needed: Envelopes with piece of paper inside (only one says Elisha on it). 

At one end of the room children are arranged in teams of two.  At the other end of the room are an equal number of children to the number of teams.  Each child is given an envelope.  

One member of each team pretends to be the boy – dead.  The other is the mother.  On the command ‘Go’ the mother runs up, gets a child (one of whom is Elisha) and brings them back to the boy.  The child carry the envelope then opens it, and the team which has chosen Elisha is the winner because the boy is healed. 

Repeat this game so that everyone has a turn of being the boy, woman, or maybe Elisha.

Bible Games for Kids: 1 Kings 19:19-21 & 2 King 2:1-20

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Training to Take Over 

This game will remind the children of how Elijah trained Elisha to take over from him. 

Older and younger children are paired together.  Divide the pairs into two teams.  They then take part in a three-legged relay race with the younger child blindfolded.  Older one has to help the younger child walk round the course and back.  The game could be repeated with the younger child now directing the older one.

Bible Games for Kids: 1 Kings 19:1-18

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Earthquake Wind Fire Whisper 

This game will remind the children of how Elijah hears God in a gentle whisper. 

Get the children to perform the following commands when you call out the commands, Earthquake, Wind, Fire, Whisper.  Call out the words randomly.  Those who perform the wrong action are out. 

  • Earthquake – fall to the floor
  • Wind – stand on the spot swaying
  • Fire – run to the end of the room screaming ‘fire’
  • Whisper – make a whispering sound 

[Idea adapted from Fantastic Games for Children’s Ministry].

Bible Games for Kids: 1 Kings 18

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Choosing the right altar 

This game will remind the children of what happened to the altars of the prophets of Baal and Elijah.  

Equipment needed: Altar cards template (pdf) 

Get all the children to line up in the middle of the room facing you.  Tell them that in a minute they have to choose to move to their right or their left.  On each side place a card with a picture of an altar on it.  The children then move to one side or another.  After they have done this the altar cards are turned over.  One card will be blank and this represents the altar of the prophets of Baal.  The other card will have a picture of an altar on fire representing the altar of Elijah that God set on fire.  Those on the side of the prophet of Baal are eliminated from the game.

Bible Games for Kids: 1 Kings 17:7-16

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Bread that never runs out 

This aim of this game is to remind the children that the bread kept coming because the jar of flour was never used up and oil never run dry. 

Equipment needed: 2-3 Loaves of bread (unopened) 

Two teams play over and under using a loaf of bread.  Move down the hall, by running to back of the queue after you’ve passed the bread.  When they reach cone at the end they turn around and go back the other way.

Bible Games for Kids: 1 Kings 17:1-7

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Raven’s Food

The aim of this game is to remind the children that ravens brought food to Elijah. 

Teams Line up at one end.  At the other end of the hall have starburst (pretending to be bread and meat) on a table. 

Give each team a couple of black socks.  When it’s the child’s go they wear the black sock like a glove – pretending to be a raven.  Kids take it turn to run and use the hand wearing the black sock pick up one starburst. 

Team leader can be Elijah. Kids bring the starburst to Elijah.  

Count out how many starburst each team collected and then hand out the starburst evenly among the kids.