Big WordsBig Words that end in SHUN! – Incarna-SHUN

Powerpoint Pictures: Baby Asleep; Baby Bottle; Nappy; Baby Blanket; Baby Toy; Baby Cuddled

There are a number of big words that sum up what the Bible teaches about what God has done for us, and it turns out that these words end in SHUN!

Think for a moment about the things that a baby needs.  They need sleep, feeding, changing, warmth, stimulation, and love.

A baby is dependent upon his parents for everything.

Why on earth did the Creator, the all-powerful, all-wise, God choose to become a helpless dependent little baby that Mary gave birth to that first Christmas?

Why did God become a man?

The big word that answers this question is Incarna-SHUN!

Incarnation means that God became like us to save us.

The apostle John writes that: “The Word (God the Son) became flesh (in the person of Jesus) and made his dwelling among us.”

God became like us and the reason He did was to save us.  Because Jesus is fully man He can represent us and die in our place for our sins.  If He wasn’t a man He could not have taken our place.  But because He is God He can save everybody who trusts in Him.

God became like us to save us.