Review: The World-Tilting Gospel (Dan Phillips)

There are a number of books around that explain the gospel, but I’m yet to read one as thorough and more importantly readable as ‘The World-Tilting Gospel’ by Dan Phillips.

It maybe 300 pages long which might make you wonder whether it worth investing your time in reading it – it is worth it!

Phillips argues that “The greatest need of the church today is a strategic, full-orbed, robust, biblical grasp of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its transformative implications.”

And that’s what this book gives.  It tells us “who we are, who God is, how we got where we are, what we need, what God has done, what different it makes.”

There’s a clear and forthright explanation of how God sees man.  It is not happy reading as Phillips holds nothing back!  But we need to be clear on this if we want understand how sweet the good news really is.  He then shows that God has accomplished something we desperately need that we could never accomplish ourselves – a rescue.

Just to be clear on what our part in all this DJP gives this great summary.  “We contributed: The traitor, the corrupt politicians, the religious hypocrites, the lynch mob, the soldiers, the whips, the thorns, the cross, the nails… and, most especially… the sins under the burden of which Christ groaned, suffered, bled, and died.”

Normally books on the gospel seem to stop at this point.  Bad news, good news, finished.

But this is why this book is so great because we’re only at the halfway point.

Now it’s time for a helpful treatment of justification and regeneration or how God deals with our bad record and our bad nature.  Then comes the finale to the book which is much-needed but often missing – what is means to live the Christian life and a realistic look at what it is going to be like – it is this final section that sets this book apart from many others like this one.

So this book doesn’t only give the bad news and the good news – i.e. how we can be saved – it also tells us what we are to be doing if we have been saved!  Along the way Phillips gives some brilliant expounding of passages of Scripture which in of themselves would make the book worth buying.

Much else could be said about this book, but it would be better for you to read it.  Oh, and it would also be a great one to give away, especially to a non-Christian.

The World-Tilting Gospel is available to buy HERE.