YGGWater Games

Here’s a number of water related games which can be used in both youth groups and kids clubs.


  • Wet T-Shirt Relay: Relay.  Children dunk a t-shirt in a bucket of water.  Put it on, run around a cone and take the t-shirt off and put it back in the bucket.
  • Water Balloon Squat: Relay.  Run to the line.  Sit on a water balloon.  Return to the team.
  • Water Head Carry: Relay.  Fill up plastic cup with water.  Put on head and hop to large container.  Fill up container.
  • Over-Under with Wet Sponge: Relay.  Put sponge in a bucket of water.  Team passes the sponge over-under.  Person at back runs to front and re-soak the sponge.
  • Leaking Relay: Relay.  Fill up place cups which have a pin hole at the bottom.  Run to container.  Empty the cup.
  • Water pass: Relay.  Pass water from one plastic cup to another down a line of people, and pour the water into a container.
  • Wet sponge: Relay.  Soak a sponge in water.  Balance the sponge on head.  Walk round a cone and back to team.
  • Dizzy Run: Relay. Put cup of water on head.  Spin 5 times.  Put water in container.


  • Human table: One person goes on hands and knees.  Rest of team fill up cups of water.  Balance the cups on person’s back.
  • Water Bomb Throwing and Catching: Gradually increase the distance.
  • Jump rope: Everyone stands in a circle holding a cup of water, a rope is spun round which they have to jump over.  Person is out if the rope hits them or they have no water in their cup.
  • Water balloon volleyball: Give each team a sheet.  Put water balloon onto one team’s sheet.  The team tries to throw the water balloon to the other team who must catch it in their sheet and throw it back.  If one team drops or misses, the other team gets a point.
  • Kids Puzzle Soaking: Time how long it takes a person to complete a kids puzzle while everyone else squirts them using water pistols.
  • Pick up ice cubes: Fill a paddling pool up with water and add ice cubes.  Each person has to try and remove the ice cubes using their feet.  Count out how many ice cubes each team/person is able to remove.
  • Water Twister: Foam up washing up liquid on a twister board.
  • Shaving Cream Shoot Off: Leaders face is covered with shaving foam.  First team to clear face wins. 
  • Water Limbo: Limbo using a steam of water (hose).
  • Water Slide: Blue PVC sheet.  Add water and washing up liquid.  Use a broom to foam up.  Run and slide down the sheet.
  • Stocks: Put someone in the stocks and throw wet sponges at them.
  • Water Fight: Use sponges, cups, water bombs, water pistols.  Great way to finish the evening off!!!

More Youth Group Games can be found HERE.


  1. Helen says

    This is fantastic! Thank you, new ideas for a tired “It’s a washout!” on camp. Will visit again – you’ve got just about everything I’ve ever heard of listed on your blog!

  2. Elizabeth Doogan says

    Dan, thank you so much! You just made our Jr High water night even better. Thanks for this blog. Also, “Stocks” made me laugh a lot. Keep moving forward.