Listen Up! A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons (Christopher Ash)

Listening to a sermon is not simply turning up to church, staring at the preacher, then going home.  Listening to a sermon is much more than that as Christopher Ash’s little book ‘Listen Up!’ explains. 


Listen Up! is a practical guide to listening to sermons which by its price (£1.50), length (31 pages), presentation (colourful), and style (very easy to read) is accessible to all, from the youth group to the old people’s work. 

The majority of book looks at what Ash has called seven ingredients for healthy sermon listening (basically seven steps to listening to a sermon).  Each of the seven ingredients begins with an example of a person doing and not doing this step, an explanation of what it means and then some practical steps to take in order to do it.  

Ash then goes on to consider how to listen to bad sermons whether they be dull, biblically inadequate, or heretical before finishing with seven suggestions for encouraging good preaching. 

Throughout the book Ash reminds us that the reason we need to listen properly is so that through His Word, God will make us more and more like Christ.  That’s surely a reason to want to find out how to do this.  Or as Ash writes in the introduction that “the way we listen [to sermons] is a life or death business…it can damage your health or take you closer to final rescue.” 

This is a book for everyone in the congregation to read.  Why not make it the church’s book of month/term?  I think it would also be good to work through with young people especially those who say they are struggling with listening to the sermon. 

Listen Up! is available to buy HERE

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