What things does the awe of God produce in the heart of a pastor?

“What things does the awe of God produce in the heart of a pastor that are vital for an effective, God-honouring, and productive ministry?”

Paul Tripp:

  1. Humility: “As long as I am comparing myself to others, I can always find someone whose existence seems to be an argument for how righteous I am.  But if I compare the filthy rags of my righteousness to the pure and forever unstained linen of God’s righteousness, I want to run and hide in heartbreaking shame.”
  2. Tenderness: “An awareness of my sin and desperate need for grace – then produces pastoral tenderness toward the people around me, who give empirical evidence that they are in need of the same grace.”
  3. Passion: “My passion for ministry is not about how I am being received; it flows out of the reality that I have been received by him.  My enthusiasm is not because people like me, but because he has accepted and sent me.”
  4. Confidence: “…comes from a knowledge of whom I serve…. He will not call me to a task without enabling me to do it.  He has more zeal for the health of the church than I ever will.”
  5. Discipline: “It is the awesome glory of God’s existence, character, plan, presence, promises, and grace that gives me reason to work hard and not give up, no matter whether we are in a “good” season or one that is stormy.”
  6. Rest: “It is the knowledge that there is nothing too hard for the God whom I serve.”