What can be done when the things of God have become too familiar?

B. B. Warfield:

“We are frequently told, indeed, that the great danger of the theological student lies precisely in his constant contact with divine things.  They may come to seem common to him because they are customary.”

Paul Tripp:

“What powerful words of warning to everyone in ministry of any type: “The great danger… lies precisely in his constant contact with divine things.”  What is the danger?  It is that familiarity with the things of God will cause you to lose your awe.”

“The beauty that once attracted you is still there to see, but you don’t see it, and you cannot celebrate what you fail to see.”

What can be done?

“I don’t have a set of strategies for you here.  My counsel is to run now, run quickly, to your Father of awesome glory.  Confess the offense of your boredom.  Plead for eyes that are open to the 360-degree, 24/7 display of glory to which you have been blind.  Determine to spend a certain portion of every day in meditating on his glory.  Cry out for the help of others.  And remind yourself to be thankful for Jesus, who offers you his grace even at those moments when that grace isn’t nearly as valuable to you as it should be.”