Pastor, look at your dashboard

Pastor, before you head into the new week, take some time to look at your personal dashboard, to see what lies ahead.

“A few minutes planning and preparing, can save you hours of frustration, stress, and rework.”


  • To prevent surprises and avoid missing appointments or deadlines.
  • To give you time to react, adjust, and reschedule if necessary.
  • To allow you to prepare.
  • Because visibility leads to action.
  • Because awareness reduces stress.

But what should be on your personal dashboard?

  • Your calendar – “Reviewing your calendar prevents surprises, avoids conflicts, and gives you time to react.”
  • Your to do list – “If you don’t look at your todo list, it can’t remind you of what you need to do.”
  • Your someday list – “Doing just one thing on your Someday list is important to your progress.  Otherwise, your Someday list becomes a Never list.”
  • Your notes – “Make sure you review your notes from the previous day to capture todos, reference material, and follow-up items.”
  • Your inbox – “Save this one for last… Your inbox is a perfect delivery mechanism for other people’s priorities.”