DSC04918Pastor, before you head into the new week, take some time to look at your personal dashboard, to see what lies ahead.

Crag Jarrow:

“A few minutes planning and preparing, can save you hours of frustration, stress, and rework.”


  • To prevent surprises and avoid missing appointments or deadlines.
  • To give you time to react, adjust, and reschedule if necessary.
  • To allow you to prepare.
  • Because visibility leads to action.
  • Because awareness reduces stress.

But what should be on your personal dashboard?

  • Your calendar – “Reviewing your calendar prevents surprises, avoids conflicts, and gives you time to react.”
  • Your to do list – “If you don’t look at your todo list, it can’t remind you of what you need to do.”
  • Your someday list – “Doing just one thing on your Someday list is important to your progress.  Otherwise, your Someday list becomes a Never list.”
  • Your notes – “Make sure you review your notes from the previous day to capture todos, reference material, and follow-up items.”
  • Your inbox – “Save this one for last… Your inbox is a perfect delivery mechanism for other people’s priorities.”