The battle pastors were not expecting

Paul Tripp:

What battles do pastors expect?

“I knew there would be battles for the gospel or battles for a biblical philosophy of ministry.

I knew there would be skirmishes with fellow leaders or tugs of war between competing ministry interests.

I knew that there would be an inevitable ebb and flow of ministry, that we would go through both bright and dark passages.

I knew that people don’t always hunger for or treasure the gospel of Jesus Christ as they should.

I knew that not everyone to whom I was called to minister would have a natural affection for or connection to me.

I knew I would be compared to the pastors who preceded me.

I knew that I would be called to minister in moments of meagre resources of both help and money.

I knew I would be called to battle for the gospel in people’s lives in very hard moments.

I knew that there would be times when people were angry with God and therefore not all that excited with me.”

What battle do pastors not expect?

“…but what I didn’t know or anticipate were the battles that would rage inside of me…”

“Pastoral ministry is always shaped by a war between the kingdom of self and the kingdom of God, which is fought on the field of your heart.”