Singing about Jesus’ Ascension

Tim Chester has written a great ascension hymn (found HERE) which we sang at Banstead Community Church last Sunday:

Jesus Christ, ascended priest,
passing through the clouds for me,
entering the Holy Place,
there to be my surety.
Interceding in my name,
He is my security.
Through His blood, shed once for all,
I am cleansed eternally.

Jesus Christ, ascended king,
comes with clouds to heaven’s throne.
Son of Man with glory crowned,
rule belongs to Him alone.
Jesus now empowers His church,
Jesus now protects His own.
He is with us to the end
as we make His gospel known.

Jesus Christ, ascended man,
passing through the clouds for me,
there before the Father’s throne,
our redeemed humanity.
Human flesh is now with God,
Jesus is our guarantee.
He will soon make all things new,
reign in love eternally.