8 Reasons to read The Reformed Pastor

For almost a year now, every Tuesday I’ve been writing a post called “Lessons for a Young Pastor” where I listen to and learn from experienced pastors (both past and present) through their writings.  So far I’ve work the first set of Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures to my Students and Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry.

The next pastor I’m going to listen and learn from is the puritan Richard Baxter through his book The Reformed Pastor, although it will done through an updated and edited version of it called Watch Your Walk.

In the introduction of Watch Your Walk, Dr Richard Halverson gives 8 reasons why Baxter’s book is relevant for churches and their pastors today.

  1. It reveals the truth about the Puritans, as to their lifestyle and beliefs.
  2. It encourages those who are discouraged about the church.
  3. We live at a time when “church growth” has become virtually a science.
  4. His concern for the family, a concern that became a care in his pastoral shepherding of the family and each of its members in the context of the whole body.
  5. Baxter’s instruction turns again and again to the pastor himself.
  6. Concern over biblical illiteracy today.
  7. If he were living today, Baxter would be a strong advocate of what is now called “discipleship”.
  8. Baxter’s passion for unity.