Book Highlights: Awaiting a Savior

Here are some highlights from Awaiting a Savior by Aaron Armstrong.

“The idea that we can wipe out injustice and inequality for good overlooks the fundamental problem of our sinful nature.”

“Our good faith efforts to address legitimate questions of poverty and injustice must never lose sight of the fact that poverty will persist as long as the heart of man is ruled by sin.”

“Everything about Adam and Eve’s fall makes economic prosperity difficult and elusive.  In fact, the fall has made poverty the default setting, an ever-present gravitational pull intent on dragging us down.”

“A fallen world inhabited exclusively by sinners: that is the essence of poverty.  Sin, and the effects of sin throughout creation, is the Poverty from which all other poverty flows.”

“There will be no poor among you as long as you fully obey my laws.  But I know what is in the heart of man, that his every thought is always evil continually, so let me warn you right now – there will never cease to be some among you who are poor.”

“Sin… not only causes poverty but also poisons our attitude toward those suffering within it.”

“Loving our neighbour in real, tangible ways is as much a “proof” of our salvation as anything else.”

“When “doing enough” becomes primarily a matter of numbers, we can be sure we are focusing on the wrong thing.  Alleviating poverty is about more than a certain amount of giving, whether of time or money.”

“Caring for the poor starts with understanding the grace Jesus has given to those who believe in him.  We must get this straight in our heads – and in our hearts.”

“We care for the poor because we know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of grace.  We were the poor in spirit, we were lost and without hope, we were separated from God and enslaved to sin.”

“In telling us for a fact that the poor will always be with us, perhaps Jesus is trying to set our expectations in caring for the poor.”

“This minister saw Jesus saying “the poor you always have with you” not as a discouragement but as an opportunity.”

“Sometimes it is unwise to assist an individual financially.  Sometimes it can be the least merciful thing you could do.”

“Give to organisations that demonstrate Christ’s love, not only in practical ways but also by explicitly sharing the gospel with those they serve.  Deed ministry and Word ministry cannot be divorced.”

“The first Council of Nicaea decreed that wherever a cathedral or church was built, a hospital would be as well.”

“Without the hope of the coming of the new creation, we have nothing to offer those who suffer in poverty.  It is this hope we must share, whether we’re working for relief, development, or social reform.”

“We must bring immediate relief to those suffering from severe drought and famine, but we must also bring them the promise that there is one who will someday relieve all their suffering.”

“You are not called to meet every need.”