Big ReadThe Big Read – 1+1+1: A Simple Way to Read the Bible

Powerpoint Pictures: 999; 118 118; 1966; 43252003274489856000; 1+1+1

Can you think of some famous numbers?

999 – the phone number you ring in an emergency.

118 118 – the phone number you ring to get information.

1966 – the year that England won the World Cup.

43252003274489856000 – the number of possible positions on a Rubik’s cube.

I want to introduce you to another number that should be famous.  This number describes a simple and easy way to read the Bible.

The number is 111 or 1+1+1.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Book of the Bible a month.

1- Chapter to read a day – doing this will mean for some books of the Bible, you’ll get to know them really well as you’ll read through them more than once in a month.

1 – Verse to think about – the final step is from the chapter you’ve read take one verse and spend the rest of the day thinking about it and praying it for yourself, your family, church and non-Christians.  Alternatively you could take from the chapter one ‘thought to make your heart sing’.

1 book a month, 1 chapter a day, 1 verse to think about.  1+1+1 – a simple way to read the Bible.

[This simple way of reading the Bible also works well with The Big Read that we’re doing at Banstead Community Church].