SMThe Big Bible Adventure – Mark 15:16-20

Powerpoint Pictures: Crown; Robe; Sceptre, Person Bowing

Imagine that the Queen came into this room looking all Queen-like.  What would you expect her to look like?

What would she be wearing? [A Crown; A Robe]

What might she be holding? [A Sceptre]

What would you do when she came in? [Bow Down]

You’d never dream of sticking your tongue out at her or turning your back to her.  That is not how you treat royalty!

Well Pilate had condemned Jesus to death.  Death on the cross for being a rival king.

Even though Jesus had done nothing wrong, and Pilate knew it, he still went ahead and handed Jesus over to the soldiers to do what they did best.

As these soldiers looked at Jesus, they didn’t think He looked very king-like.

So they dressed Him up.

They gave him a crown, a purple robe, and put a staff in his hand.  They made Jesus look like a king.

But the crown they gave him wasn’t a gold crown with precious gems on it, but a crown of thorns.  Then they made fun of him.  They took the mickey out of him, pretending to bow down and worship Him, and hitting Him with the staff.

“And when they had mocked him, they took off the purple robe and put his own clothes on him.  Then they led him out to crucify him.” (Mark 15:20)

What an awful way to treat a king!

The problem was, the soldiers didn’t believe that Jesus was a king, and they weren’t the only ones.

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(Image: Bible Illustrations from Sweet Publishing)


1443606_91781990Doug Wilson:

“The task of the church is the evangelisation of the world, and to bring that converted world up to maturity in Christ.

The task of the local church is to do its part in that global task in its part of the world.

The task of the church… is therefore birth and growth.

We are called to be constantly engaged in the evangelism of unbelievers, and once they have been converted and baptised, we want them to grow up to maturity in Christ.”



JBPThe Big Bible Adventure – Mark 15:1-15

Powerpoint Pictures: Bank Robber; Outline Chalk of a Victim; Speeding Car; House on Fire

Imagine you were a judge, and before you came the following people.  What verdict would you give them?

Someone who robbed a bank.  Guilty or not guilty?

Someone who murdered someone.  Guilty or not guilty?

Someone who drove 100mph down a High Street.  Guilty or not guilty?

Someone who on purpose burned down a house.  Guilty or not guilty?

In the next part of the story of how Jesus died, we find ourselves back in another courtroom, not of the religious leaders, but of Pilate the Roman Governor.

The religious leaders were saying that Jesus was a king.  A rival king who was going to lead a rebellion against the Romans.  Pilate listened to what they were charging Jesus with, but he knew that Jesus was innocent.

The religious leaders went on and on, and soon a crowd had gathered.

Eventually Pilate said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do.  At this time each year, I release a prisoner.  Do you want me to release Jesus or this man who is guilty of being part of a rebellion and a murder, Barabbas?”

Pilate was sure they would say Jesus.

But they, egged on by the religious leaders, shouted Barrabas!

“What shall I do then, with the one you call the king of the Jews?” Pilate asked them.  “Crucify him!” they shouted.” (Mark 15:12-13)

Pilate, even though he knew Jesus was innocent, said He was guilty and sentenced Him to death on a cross.  Pilate handed Jesus over to his soldiers.  What will happen to him next?

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(Image: Bible Illustrations from Sweet Publishing)


file0001433798878Leon Brown:

“Do not ride the roller coaster of attendance.

One week, your numbers are exciting.

Two weeks later, it looks like the building is empty.

At times like these, you may begin to question your ministry effectiveness.

Rather than walking along the shaky path of attendance, it seems easier to focus on the faithful saints who are present.  

If they have been taught accurately and they believe what has been taught, despite small numbers, you have a faithful lot who are there to receive the word and sacraments, as well as praise God in prayer and song and have fellowship one with another.

Thank God for the ones who are present; thank God for the ones who are absent.”

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