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Titus for YouOne of the things I love doing is meeting up with people to read the Bible with them – to open up God’s Word and discuss what it says, what it means, and what it means to apply it to our lives.

But in the busyness of life it might not always be easy to find the time on a regular basis to do this, which is why the “God’s Word For You” series of books are good to have on your bookshelf or Kindle.

Because as you open your Bible and one of the books in the series, it is like you are sitting down with someone to read the Bible with them.  And not just anyone, some of the top Bible teachers around today.  Do you fancy sitting down with Tim Keller to read Galatians or Romans or Judges with him?  Well now you can!

I’ve been recently sitting down with Tim Chester to read the book of Titus with him, using his book Titus for You.  He writes that “Titus is all about ensuring the gospel is central to the everyday life of the church, so that the world can be reached for Christ” and he proceeds to help us see this, as he walks us verse by verse through each chapter of the book.

Titus for You is a great resource for the whole church.

Whether you are a new believer who wants to better understand Titus or a pastor who is preparing to preach a series of sermons, the great thing about this book is that takes you to the book that matters!

Titus for You is available to buy HERE.


NumbersThe Big Read – Numbers

Powerpoint Pictures: Sat Nav; Pilot Cockpit; MPs; Scales; Newspapers

Do you trust the following?

A Sat Nav to give you the right directions?  A pilot to safely fly a plane?  MPs to lead this country well?  A particular diet will help you lose weight?  What you read in the newspapers is true?

The book of Numbers is about trust.

Do the people of Israel, whom God has rescued from Egypt, trust God to get them safely into the Promised Land of Canaan as He said He would.

When the people of Israel reached the border of the Promised Land, “The LORD said to Moses, “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites.” (Numbers 13:1)

So 12 men were sent to check out the Promised Land.

After 40 days they returned, and when they did, two of the men, Joshua and Caleb encouraged the people to trust God and take possession of the land.

“But the men who had gone up with him said, “We can’t attack those people; they are stronger than we are.”  And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored.” (Numbers 13:31-32)

The people didn’t trust God – even after all He had done for them – and as a result they didn’t enter the Promised Land.

What about their children?  The next generation?  Would they trust God and enter the Promised Land?

The book of Numbers was written to encourage them to do this, and not just them, us as well.

God has saved us through Jesus’ death on the cross in our place for our sins, taking the punishment we deserve.  He has promised us that one day we will go to be with Jesus in heaven.

The question is, do we trust God to get us there?

Whatever happens in our lives, will we keep on trusting Jesus or will we be like the generation of Israelites who did not trust God and who missed out on entering the Promised Land?

More talks from The Big Read for Kids can be found HERE.


FirstEvery Tuesday I want to highlight on this blog a great resource that is available from and some great deals for you to check out.

This week’s resource is a new resource for young people who are heading off to university in September..  It’s called First and it is by Matt Carvel who is on the student team at Church of Christ the King in Brighton.

Here’s the blub: Matt will help equip you to face the distractions and temptations that you’ll find at university which could pull you away from Jesus. He uses biblical wisdom, humour and personal experience to practically explore how you can live for Jesus in a university culture.”

First is available to buy HERE.

And while you’re visiting you might like to check out the latest offers on a number of resources.